Pack Shed Design

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Tuesday March 5

8:30 AM  –  5:00 PM

Pack Shed Design

Produce Farmers Are Food Handlers! Let’s do it profitably
March 5
8:30 am- 5 pm

How we handle our product affects the post harvest quality and safety of our food, and our relationships with buyers. Integrating food safety systems into postharvest practices and market relationships supports the development of farm systems that are viable, cost-effective, and scale appropriate.

Day 2 is Packingshed Design. Active drawing and design. Attendees of both days will utilize their post-harvest handout from day 1 in the design of a packinghouse.


 (Register Separately)Day 1 focuses on post-harvest handling, the cold chain and efficiency of systems, quality and safety throughout the process - harvest, cleaning, cooling, packing, storing, transport. Click here to register for day 1.

These workshops are hands-on and designed for active learning. Class participants receive a copy of Direct Market Success or Wholesale Market Success.


*These back-to-back workshops can be attended individually, but registration priority will be given to those attending both